This is by no means a complete list of all morphs, but it is a work in progress.

Natural and Combination Mutations

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Common Name Combinations and Supers
Albino (r)
  Albino High Contrast
  Albino Faded
  Albino - Pastel
  Albino - Spider
  Albino - Genetic Stripe
  Albino - Ghost
  Albino - Piebald
  Albino - Black Pastel/Super
  Albino - Cinnamon/Super
  Albino - Mojave
Axanthic (r)  
  Axanthic - Pastel
  Axanthic - Spider
  Axanthic - Bee
  Axanthic VPI
  Axanthic Jolliff
  Axanthic Snake Keeper
  Axanthic Killer Bee
Black Pastel (cd)
  Super Black Pastel
  Black Pastel - Albino
  Super Black Pastel - Pied
Butter (cd)
  Super Butter (Blue Eyed Lucistic)
  Butter - Pastel
  Butter - Clown
  Butter - Orange Ghost
Calico - Sugar (cd)
  Calico - Spider (Calider)
  Calico - Cinnamon
  Calico - Pastel
Caramel Albino (r)
  Caramel Albino - Orange Ghost (Caramel Glow)
  Caramel Albino - Spider
  Caramel Albino - Pastel
  Caramel Albino - Bee
  Caramel Albino - Piebald
  Caramel Albino - Clown
  Super Cinnamon
  Cinnamon - Pastel (Pewter)
  Cinnamon - Red Axanthic (Gargoyl)
Coral Glow (cd)
  Coral Glow - Pastel
  Coral Glow - Spider
Desert (d)
  Desert - Pastel
  Desert - Spider
  Desert - Pinstripe
  Desert - Enchi
Desert Ghost (r)
Enchi Pastel (cd)
  Enchi - Desert
  Enchi - Spider (stinger bee)
Fire (cd)
  Fire - Pastel
  Fire - Spider
  Super Fire
Genetic Stripe (r)
  Genetic Stripe - Albino
  Genetic Stripe - Pastel
  Genetic Stirpe - Lesser
Ghost/Hypo (r)
  Orange Ghost - Caramel (Caramel Glow)
  Orange Ghost - Piebald
  Orange Ghost - Mojave
  Orange Ghost - Black Pastel
  Orange Ghost - Pastel
  Orange Ghost - Clown
Granite (cd)
  Super Granite
  Granite - Albino
  Granite - Lavender Albino
Lavender Albino (r)
  Lavender Albino - Piebald (Dreamsicle)
  Lavender Albino - Pastel
Lesser Platinum (cd)
  Super Lesser
  Lesser (RDR)
  Lesser (SGR)
  Lesser - Pastel
  Lesser - Spider
  Lesser - Bee
  Lesser - Clown
  Lesser - Genetic Stripe
  Lesser - Piebald
  Lesser - Mojave (Blue Eyed Leucistic)
Mystic/Phantom (cd)
  Mystic - Mojave (Mystic Potion)
Mojave (cd)
  Mojave - Mystic (Mystic Potion)
  Mojave - Albino
  Mojave - Lesser (Blue Eyed Leucistic)
  Mojave - Spider
  Mojave - Pastel
Pastel (cd)
  Super Pastel
  Pastel - Cinnamon (Pewter)
  Pastel - Spider (Bee)
  Super Pastel - Spider (Killer Bee)
  Pastel - Clown
  Pastel - Caramel Albino
  Pastel - Albino
  Pastel - Lavender Albino
  Pastel - Enchi
  Pastel - Stripe
  Pastel - SuperStripe
  Pastel - Pinstripe (Lemonblast)
Piebald (r)
  Piebald - Albino
  Piebald - Lavender Albino (Dreamsicle)
  Piebald - Orange Ghost
  Piebald - Lesser
  Piebald - Pastel
  Piebald - Mojave
  Piebald - Spider
Pinstripe (cd)
  Pinstripe - Desert
  Pinstripe - Pastel (Lemonblast)
  Pinstripe - Spider (Spinner)
  Pinstripe - Mojave
  Pinstripe - Albino
Platinum (cd)
Red Axanthic (r)
  Red Axanthic - Pastel
  Red Axanthic - Cinnamon (Gargoyl)
Ringer (cd)
  Specter - Yellowbelly (SuperStripe)
Spider (d)
  Spider - Pastel (Bee)
  Spider - Calico (Calider)
  Spider - Pinstripe (Spinner)
  Spider - Caramel
  Spider - Albino
  Spider - Coral Glow
  Spider - Pastel - Axanthic ( Axanthic Bee)
  Spider - Lesser (Lesser Bee)
  Spider - Majave
Spotnose (cd)
Yellowbelly/Goblin (cd)
  Yellowbelly - Specter (SuperStripe)
  Super Yellowbelly
Woma (cd)
  Woma - Pastel