Albino Ball Python

Genetic Morph: Axanthic VPI Line, VPI Axanthic

Status: Proven Simple Recessive


By Whom:Dave and Tracy Barker ( VPI )

The Axanthic may be one of the most underrated morphs on the ball python scene today. The best specimens hatch as silver-and-black animals & retain most of their crisp coloration into adulthood. While some lines do tend to "brown out" as the snakes grow, it remains to be seen whether selective breeding can improve upon these bloodlines. There are currently several genetic lines of Axanthics in captivity today, including VPI, Jolliff and Sutherland. In 2004 we produced both Axanthics & the first Axanthic Pastel from descendants of our original wild-caught female, thus establishing NERD's own line of Axanthic ball pythons. The Axanthic gene will continue to make exciting new projects when combined with other mutations, as we've already seen with the Snow & Axanthic Pastel designer morphs.


(picture by RDR, text paraphrased from RDR)