Caramel Albino

Caramel Albino Ball Python

Genetic Morph:Caramel Albino

Status: Proven Simple Recessive

When: 1996

By Whom: NERD

This beautiful morph represents the tyrosinase-positive (T+) form of albinism in ball pythons. Also known as the "Xanthic" or Xanthic Albino, Caramel Albinos treat ball python enthusiasts to an exquisite spectrum of yellow, lavender & cream colors in one snake. Caramels have a distinct yellow tone to their overall pigmentation, red eyes, and lavender undertones throughout the pattern. Our founding Caramel male is a "Paradox," with a patch of black pigmentation in his pattern. There have been several bloodlines produced from various WC animals, not all of which are compatible when bred to each other. Caramel Albinos will be a key component in new combo projects, as we have seen in the Caramel Glow & Caramel Pastel combinations. There should be lots of fun stuff on the horizon for Caramel Albinos!


text from NERD)