Caramel Glow

Caramel Glow Ball Python

Genetic Morph:Caramel Glow

Status: Proven Double Simple Recessive

When: 2001

By Whom: NERD

This beautiful mutation marks the fourth designer ball python combo to be produced in captivity. The Caramel Glow is the product of breeding our caramel albino to an orange ghost to make double hets; we then bred the hets together to produce this single animal. We fortuitously hit the 1-in-16 odds to hatch out this new designer. Much paler than the Caramels, the lavender/purple in this animal is very obvious & manifests itself in a soft pastel shade. One distinguishing characteristic of the Caramel Glow is her ruby red eyes. As Caramels and Ghosts grow they lighten and gain their color, and the Caramel Glow is no exception! This one-of-a-kind snake is very shy and doesn't like to sit still for photographs. We hope to produce more in the future that have "supermodel" attitudes to go with this morph's good looks!


(picture by NERD, text from NERD)